The PLAIN ENGLISH Writer’s eWorkbook

Layout 1The PLAIN ENGLISH Writer’s eWorkbook by Sandy Tritt includes six sections:

  • Section 1. Getting Ready to Write, gives advice to beginning writers.
  • Section 2. The Basics, discusses the core components of a novel or memoir, including plot, setting, characterization, point of view, dialogue, and more. Examples, exercises, solutions, and tips are included.
  • Section 3. Advanced Techniques, explains ways to write more powerful prose. Examples, exercises, solutions, and tips are included.
  • Section 4. Self-Editing, draws attention to common writing problems and how to solve them. Examples, exercises, solutions, and tips are included.
  • Section 5. The Next Step, discusses publishing options, including detailed information and examples for writing a query and a synopsis, considerations when self-publishing (including addresses needed to apply for a copyright, UPC and ISBN), and more.
  • Section 6. Reproducible Worksheets, provides nine worksheets with detailed instructions on how to use them.
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