Seven Deadly Sins of Writing


The Devil of Rejection tempts every writer with the Seven Deadly Sins of Writing. They seem innocent enough–a misplaced comma here, an adverb there—but soon, the writer finds himself or herself sinking into the dreaded darkness of the Rejection Pile. Often, the writer doesn’t even know he’s been deceived. So let’s reveal the Seven Deadly Sins of Writing for what they are—Death to your manuscript.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Writing workshop examines seven common mistakes:

  • Poor grammar and spelling;
  • Telling, not showing;
  • Passive voice;
  • Purple prose;
  • Repetitiveness;
  • Point of view breaches;
  • And lack of persistence.

    “I learned more in 90 minutes with Sandy than I did in four semesters of college. I whole-heartedly recommend her Seven Deadly Sins workshop to anyone who writes. This gal knows her stuff.”

    ~ Feedback from a writer