Many people are writing memoirs these days. How, exactly, does a memoir differ from an autobiography? Or “based on a true story” fiction?

This workshop explores these topics, then delves deep into the art of the memoir. Depending upon the amount of time available, we’ll discuss:

  • Where to start;
  • How to focus;
  • When to end;
  • How to tighten your prose;
  • How to bring your story to life;
  • How to find a market for your work.

Like our other workshops, this can be a lecture-only or a lecture and exercise workshop. We do reserve plenty of time at the end of the workshop for questions, and the presenter will be available afterwards for additional questions and consultations.

“Sandy is one of those gifted writers who not only KNOWS a lot about writing, but is able to TEACH. And man, can that woman teach.”

~ Feedback from a writer