Drop and Give me Fifty


Drop and Give Me Fifty: Writing Skinny and Sexy Prose offers the choice of a lecture or lecture and exercise workshop. In this workshop, we discuss how to write so your reader can’t stop reading. The key to this is putting your prose on a diet and then beefing up what’s left to create strong and exciting prose.

This workshop teaches how to:

  • Identify and cut unnecessary words;
  • Eliminate redundancy;
  • Reduce adverbs and adjectives;
  • Use strong verbs and nouns;
  • Act out scenes with action, dialogue and details;
  • Change passive voice to active.

The result? Skinny, sexy prose that grabs your reader and doesn’t let him go.


“I have never been to a workshop with more energy and more information. Sandy was so organized and answered every question thrown at her. Sign me up for the next workshop she leads.”

~ Feedback from a writer