Warren Lang


An excerpt from In Search of Love and Glory by Warren Lang:

It wasin-search-of-cover the need to express myself that drove me to writing. My childhood timidity created a choke hold on verbal relationships with people, and it later developed into a full-grown social phobia. However, when I was by myself with pen in hand, I found that words flowed much more easily, and it was then the yearning of wanting to write a novel came into bloom. But my employment, maintaining a home, and raising five children with my wife kept my novel desires at bay.

And then I retired and said to myself, “Now is the time . . . I’ll sit right down and write that novel.” I wrote one and sent the manuscript to enough agents and editors to indicate my writing abilities needed a little honing before a publisher would be interested. Did I say a little honing, huh? They’d say, “You have an interesting story, but . . .” There were always the buts.

Disgusted with myself and mad at the agents and editors, I found the highest shelf on my bookcase and shoved that manuscript up there, never wanting to see it again. I couldn’t leave writing alone, no way. So, a few weeks later I sat down again and started a new novel. After two and a half years of writing, rewriting, critiquing, screaming, tearing, and rewriting again, my novel was published.

In Search of Love and Glory was published by Xlibris and is available through its website, http://www.xlibris.com. In addition, it can be previewed by going to http://www.xlibris.com/warrenLang.html.  It can also be found via Amazon.com.