Tim Newman


Tiyesterdays-falcon-coverm Newman was born and educated in England. He left at the age of 19 and immigrated to Canada, where he completed a BA and MA in English at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. He specialized in medieval studies and wrote his thesis on the uses of Arthurian quest motifs in the science fiction and fantasy of Ursula K. LeGuin. After graduating, he became a Journalism and English teacher. Newman presently teaches at Centennial High School.

Yesterday’s Falcon is the story of Gawain, Knight of the Round Table. The tale opens with his arrival in older age at the portals of a castle in northern England. Near death, and without memory, he is taken in by a beautiful Druid who has survived five harrowing years with an abusive husband. Relying on runic powers inherited from her distant ancestors, the Far Druids, Rhiannon takes Gawain on a perilous journey to the Terran Stone, where she plans to heal him. Thrown together in adventure and mounting intrigue, they find forgiveness for their failures and strength in each other’s growing love.

Tim is currently under contract with New York literary agent Bob Mecoy. Yesterday’s Falcon can be purchased through major booksellers like Amazon.

“Not only had Sandy ferreted out numerous pesky errors that my diligent friends had missed, but she also provided a wealth of insightful commentary. This may be a talent other editors possess, but the positive and sensitive way in which Sandy did this work makes her a stand-out in a very competitive field.”

~ Tim Newman, BC, Canada, author, Yesterday’s Falcon