Josephine Stockton



Josephine Stockton was born Phin Hang, of Cambodian lineage in Saigon, South Vietnam, and was raised amid the strife and uncertainty of a war-torn country and the pressures of helping to support a strained and often indifferent family.

Barely escaping the terrors of war and the degradation of life as a bar girl, Josephine carved out a distinguished career and made a life in America with her one true love, Daniel Stockton, with whom she shared a tumultuous but rewarding twenty-five years.

Having lost her husband to cancer in 1999, Josephine carries on from her home in Columbus, Ohio, focusing much of her attention on her children and grandchildren. She also contributes her talents and resources to aiding the less fortunate of Vietnam.

A Long Way from Saigon is Josephine’s life story.