Henry Bathanti


Henry Bathanti is retired after forty-three years in the printing business. He lives with the girl of his dreams in San Jacinto, California. His first novel, The Bastard Board, will be released soon by PublishAmerica.

The Bastard Board

When Teddy was a young reporter, long before there was a computer on every desk, he asked his boss what he should do with the unresolved murder cases that clogged his files. His boss told him to throw out the cases that had little substance with no chance to be solved. That was the start of Teddy’s lifelong hobby. He called the list of discarded cases the Bastard Board, because without exception, the victims had been forgotten just like homeless bastards. No one was working on any of the cases he had listed and no one even cared.

When Teddy finds a clue to one of the long-ago cases, his questions soon upset his community—and his family.

“Rhonda took the vision I had for my manuscript and edited it so that everything I had hoped to create was right before my eyes.”

~ Cindy Tuttle, author of Joyful Surrender