Success Stories

At Inspiration for Writers, Inc., we help our writers achieve success; however, authors define success in different ways. For some, success is self-publishing a novel. For others, it is getting published by traditional New York publishers. We help our writers determine their goals, and then we go the extra mile to help them meet those goals.

The links on the pages in this section lead to information provided by authors who attribute their successes in part to our work. Browse the bios and information regarding their novels.

The links provided by the authors in this section of our website will sometimes take you out of These links provide additional information on the author, his or her work, and places where you can purchase books or merchandise. Inspiration for Writers, Inc., cannot control or monitor these external links. We have provided these links as a courtesy for our successful clients; however, visitors who leave our site do so at their own risk.

The success stories appearing here represent a small portion of all our published clients. If Inspiration for Writers, Inc., was instrumental in your success and you would like to be featured here, just let us know.

Luigi Falconi
Anna Thomas
Henry Bathanti
Fred Peatross
Tim Newman
Josephine Stockton
Dee Landerman
Nicholas Caputo
Evelyn Schneider
Warren Lang
Blanca Greenberg
Cindy Tuttle

“My novel would have never made it
to publishing without Inspiration for Writers.”
~ Warren Lang, California, author, In Search of Love and Glory