Lana Hunneyball

Lana lives a charmed, rich and diverse life full of love and humor, which she brings to her writing and editing. For twenty years, she ran her own business in South Africa designing training & communication materials for companies, covering topics such as Integrity & Diversity, Environmental Health & Safety, and HIV/AIDS. Much of this material was for lower literacy learners, which allowed her to hone her thinking and writing skills and her passion to make a difference.

She has two mottos: “Life is giving birth to yourself” (Erich Fromm) and “No learning is wasted. Keep that mind on its toes” (Lana Hunneyball).

In 2018 she moved to the UK to work as a live-in carer, which gave her the flexibility to develop her writing. In 2020, she self-published a poetry collection, Flotsam and Jetsam – a half-life of poems.

She has a BA in English & Psychology, an Honours degree in English Studies, and a CMP Diploma in Proofreading and Editing Level 4. Much to the delight of her friends, she is also a qualified massage therapist.

Lana likes to edit anything from poetry to academic papers (it’s fun and you learn), but loves anything that makes people think and/or laugh. She has a particular penchant for short stories. As a poet, she delights in the challenge of hitting the right spot between precision and pizazz.

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