Charlotte Firbank-King

Charlotte_Firbank-King-bigCharlotte Firbank-King writes under the name of C.F. King and lives in Port Elizabeth in South Africa. She is the author of fourteen books. Most are historical romance, but she’s also written a few young adult and children’s books. Charl is also an acclaimed South African wildlife artist. Her paintings have been sold and exhibited throughout the world and have been commissioned by the Johannesburg Zoo, the Witwatersrand National Botanical Gardens, and the Zulu Schools Trust, among others.

Charlotte has received exposure in the following media: Evening Post, The Star, Eastern Cape Herald, Die Burger, Port Elizabeth Express, La Femme, Cue, District Mail, Eikestad Nuus, Cape Argus, Getaway, Fair Lady, South African Panorama Magazine, Sunday Times Magazine, Southern Africa Today Magazine, Arts & Crafts of Southern Africa Magazine, EnviroKids Magazine, Airone Sudafrica Magazine, Wine Magazine, Winelands, Keur, The Film Makers Directory, Kleine Atlas Van Zuidelijk-Afrika, The Roots of Black South Africa, Contemporary Artists of Pretoria, Good Morning South Africa on SABC TV, Top Billing on SABC TV, and Women Today on SAFM Radio.

Charlotte resides in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

“I honestly don’t know where to start in describing what Charl has done to help me with my manuscript. I have a stack of superlatives for her to draw from, but I’ll just boil it down to say that she has been wonderful to work with. She is a gifted artist, writer, and editor, and she has also become my friend. I have excitedly procured her services for the sequel to my first book!”

~ Fred Wolf, Missouri

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Three of Charl’s novels have been released on Amazon Kindle. They include:

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Breath of the Wild The Bohemian Twilight Path

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Treewithcreatures4-wm Insect-ScorpionAngel5wm Insect-FrogAngel9-wm Insect-BatAngel8-wm Insect-ChameleonAngel6-wm Insect-DragonflyAngel7-wm Charlotte-zulu_women_donkey Charlotte-zebra Charlotte-white_egret Charlotte-Pels Fishing Owl Charlotte-swazi couple Charlotte-whale_sharks Charlotte-Ntwana-Pedi Women with Wedding Gifts (1) Charlotte-Ethic Map Charlotte-elephant_melee Charlotte-bhaca_couple AkirwithWolf1-wm Akir-Volcanoe2-wm