Our Editors

Anyone can claim to be an editor.  There are no tests, no licenses, no applications. That’s why it is so important to select an experienced editor from an established firm. Some editing firms have zillions of editors who bid on projects, with your manuscript going to the one with the lowest bid—regardless of his or her qualifications as an editor or in your genre. Some editing firms have only one editor—which could leave you in a rough spot if that editor were to suddenly take ill or have an accident. And some editing firms feature a list of hundreds of editors available for clients to select from, with preference given to the “fastest” editors—those who edit the most words per day with no weight for quality.

“I was lost before I found Inspiration for Writers.”

~ Isaiyan Morrison,
author of Macabre

At Inspiration for Writers, Inc., we believe writers deserve the best editor for their individual needs. Therefore, our editors never bid or otherwise compete against one another for projects. Instead, each manuscript is evaluated, and the editor who is best suited for the particular genre and writing level is given the job. All our editors are published authors with extensive editing experience and excellent grammatical skills. Each editor has gone through a rigorous training program that includes an apprenticeship before being certified by Inspiration for Writers, Inc. Additionally, Inspiration for Writers, Inc., employs only editors with high ethics and excellent people skills.

To make sure we have the best match between writer and editor, Inspiration for Writers, Inc., provides a free sample edit for manuscripts over 20,000 words. We want our writers to be comfortable with the personality, style, and expertise of our editors. For truly, the writer/editor relationship is a close one, and the writer must feel comfortable asking questions and receiving feedback.

To view a brief bio of each editor, click on the names under “Our Editors” on the left sidebar or click on the photos to the right. Although you may request a particular editor, we recommend you allow us to match you with the editor best suited for your particular writing.

“Your reasoning behind the editing and overview was so clearly explained that I have no questions!”

~ Vicki H., Kansas.