Ghost Editing Services

“Ghost Editing” is a marriage between a standard edit and ghostwriting services. It includes:

  • A line-by-line edit that corrects grammar, spelling, punctuation, and word choice;
  • A content edit that corrects incorrect or passive sentence structure, incorrect paragraph structure, redundancies, and other editing concerns;
  • Correction of point of view breaches;
  • Rewriting of dialogue;
  • Replacement of dialogue tags with action, as needed;
  • Replacement of passive voice with active, energetic prose;
  • Acting out of critical scenes with dialogue, action, and exposition;
  • Correction of any other elements that need work.

As with all our services, you retain all rights to your manuscript, even if we do extensive rewriting. We provide an editing agreement that outlines your rights so you are protected.

If you’re not sure if this is the service you need, just submit your first chapter for a no-obligation sample edit. We’ll advise on the level of editing you need and provide you with a firm quote.

Rates are 7 cents per original word. To calculate your total, multiply your total word count by [rate for the service]. Round off to the nearest whole dollar, and, on the next screen, enter this number as the quantity. Then click on the “Update Totals” icon. A $45 minimum per manuscript applies.

To purchase Ghost Editing services from Inspiration for Writers, Inc., click the button below and fill out the provided online forms for secure payment through Paypal.

Need Ghostwriting Services? We can help.

Ghostwriting services are when you need someone to actually write your story for you. Rates for this vary greatly. Please send as much information as possible, such as the genre, expected word count upon completion, the amount of work already completed, time constraints, and so forth to

“Thank you so much for your advice and help. I can’t tell you enough how much I’ve learned working with you.”

~ Dr. Roberto Kuminskey, WV