Writing Tips

We sometimes think successful authors just instinctively know how to write—that they are born with an intrinsic ability the rest of us lack. And therefore, if we are meant to be writers, we should simply sit down and write. Our words will be golden.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, for those of us lacking this ability), it doesn’t work that way. Writing is a craft—and crafts are teachable. By reading, by writing, and by studying the art of writing, we can take the germ of talent we’ve been given and nurture it into a true gift. And that’s what this section is all about—learning the tricks of the writing trade.

These tips are arranged into sections, but there’s no particular order in which they need to be studied. So study them in whatever way works best for you—by randomly following your interests or by meticulously going from beginning to end.

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Advice for Beginners