Welcome to our bookstore section.  Inspiration for Writers, Inc., is proud to offer gift certificates, books, and writing gifts. Whether you’re a writer who wants to expand your knowledge with your Tips & Techniques Workbook or a friend of a writer looking for a gift idea, you’ll find helpful products here.

Layout 1The Plain English Writer’s Workbook (wire-bound edition) Expands on the tips and techniques published on the Inspiration for Writers website, and includes exercises, reproducible worksheets, and a special section on finding an agent and creating a query letter and a synopsis. The Self-Publishing discussion includes addresses and phone numbers needed to apply for a copyright, UPC code, and ISBN number, as well as listing the costs involved.

The Plain English Writer’s Workbook (Amazon edition) – Same as the above edition except it is not wire bound. Order directly from Amazon.

The Plain English Writer’s eWorkbook – a digital version of the above workbook, with reproducible worksheets.

everythingIKnow-medEverything I Know by Sandy Tritt – is a collection of practical tips, creative solutions, and original recipes, Everything I Know is a handbook for young women as they step out on their own.

Gift Certificates For many writers, working on a novel or story is a solitary process. This can make it difficult for writers to reach out to editors. At Inspiration for Writers, Inc., we understand the connection writers feel with their work, after all our editors are all published writers. Purchasing a gift certificate for your loved ones shows your support for their dreams.