The Life Cycle of a Character


The Life Cycle of a Character workshop discusses how to take a character from conception to maturity until he becomes a character who jumps off the page and into the reader’s heart.

We start with a seed—the conception of a character. We germinate that seed, slowly bringing it to life by giving our character wants and fears.

We continue to grow our character, taking him through the tumultuous teen years by exploring his emotions and learning more about him.

As your character matures, we add more layers, exploring different aspects of his or her personality and history.

The Life Cycle of a Character is for writers of all levels, and includes discussion and samples of tools such as character charts and growth charts.

“Thank you for the wonderful workshop—our teachers loved it, and it was THE most highly rated workshop since we began keeping records several years ago.”

~ Laura Tracy Baisden, Director of Coalfield Writers,
a Satellite of Marshall University Writing Project