Point of View


Point of View is an interactive writing workshop that examines one of the most difficult concepts for a writer to master—point of view. After a brief lecture, this workshop uses volunteer participants to act out a brief skit. The participants present the skit in multiple points of view and view points with an actor representing the narrator.

Watching the narrator interact with characters within each point of view, attendees develop a much better understanding of how point of view works and how it affects a story. With this workshop, participants learn how to:

  • Select the best point of view to use;
  • Control the omniscient point of view;
  • Avoid “head hopping”;
  • Select the perfect viewpoint character for each scene.

“Sandy is one of those gifted writers who not only KNOWS a lot about writing, but is able to TEACH. And man, can that woman teach.”

~ Feedback from a writer