Dee Landerman


Those wmove-over-coverho are close to Dee Landerman and know her life say she is gifted as a prophetess and Intuitive. From abuse and misery, she gave her life to Jesus Christ and found herself the recipient of divine visitations, messages and visions. Teaching Sunday School, teen classes and a women’s group, she was continually guided by the Lord with lessons and illustrations. She became a freelance artist, painting murals under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and co-authored a K-12 Emotional Growth and Development Curriculum, which put a halt to the state-mandated curriculum in the schools in her town. She drew a book of cartoons depicting many of the abominations in our government.

Move Over, Maharishi is the story of Dee’s life and the visions she has received. It can be purchased at

“My only ambition is to help people find the truth and get closer to the Lord. Nothing else carries such weight of importance or urgency in my spirit. There are too many broken lives that need mending, and I desire to lead them to the One who can help.”