Rhonda White

rhonda-headshot-bigRhonda Browning White resides near Daytona Beach, FL, and works as a ghostwriter, editor, adjunct professor, and realtor. (She’ll do most anything to support her writing habit.) Her work appears in Bellevue Literary Review, Steel Toe Review, Ploughshares Writing Lessons, Tiny Text, New Pages, South85 Journal, WV Executive, Mountain Echoes, Gambit, Justus Roux, Bluestone Review, and appears or is forthcoming in the anthologies World Enough Writers Ice Cream Anthology, Appalachia’s Last Stand, and Mountain Voices. Rhonda recently was awarded the Sterling Watson Fellowship for the Writers in Paradise Conference in Tampa, Florida in January, 2016. She blogs about books, writing, and celebrating life at www.RhondaBrowningWhite.com, and about the craft of fiction writing at Why the Writing Works.

She has an MFA in Creative Writing from Converse College in Spartanburg, SC.

“When my manuscript was returned, it was clear Rhonda had pored over every page with a diligent eye and ear. I am now progressing on to the next phase–character development, overarching themes, and the well-needed reminder of basic formatting rules. The assistance provided by Rhonda was instrumental in taking me from the outpouring phase of writing to a structured, goal-oriented mode. I’m thrilled.”

~ Lisa Dekis, author of Dreams of Igor

“Rhonda took the vision I had for my manuscript and edited it so that everything I hoped to create was right before my eyes. I was so excited to see my dreams of Faith Town be born, and it happened because of Rhonda. I wouldn’t have any problems highly recommending her.”

~ Cindy Tuttle, author of Joyful Surrender