Jimmy Carl Harris

Jimmy_Carl_HarrisJimmy Carl Harris, EdD, a retired Marine Corps Sergeant Major and university assistant professor, lives to write in Birmingham, Alabama. His prizewinning stories appear in The Louisville Review, Appalachian Heritage, Confluence, The Birmingham Arts Journal, and elsewhere. He is the author of two books, Walking Wounded and Wounds That Bind, and teaches writing at workshops around the US.

You may contact Jimmy Carl directly at harrisjc@bellsouth.net.

“Harris possesses an astute sense of storytelling. His characterizations are masterful and his dialogue sure. He writes of those at war with themselves and others, fighting battles that lie beyond easy comprehension.”

~ Sue Walker, Poet Laureate of Alabama


Wounds That Bind is a fierce, gut-wrenching collection, but always beneath the hard edges one senses deep love and understanding for the men and women life has not always treated gently.”

~ Mark Powell, novelist