Ghostwriting Services

No one has to know.

You’ve climbed the mountains, you’ve sailed the seas, you’ve fought the fights, and you’ve survived. Man, you’ve got stories to tell.

But the outlines, the writing, the editing, the rewriting, the proofreading, the market research . . . who has time?

We do.

Inspiration For Writers, Inc. has a staff of  talented, award-winning, multi-published professional ghostwriters who are ready to tell your story. You keep all the rights, you earn the royalties, your name is on the cover of the book. It’s your story, after all. We do the work, you get the credit.

Read our Confidentiality Agreement to see how Inspiration for Writers is dedicated to protecting your work.

Again, no one has to know.

Want more information? Call Sandy at 304-428-1218 or you may also email her at If you do not hear from us within a couple of hours during regular business hours, please email again or phone us. Thank you.

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